About Us

We are a working-class couple, who started with nothing – in fact less than nothing – in our early twenties we had debts we could hardly afford and we were barely covering costs, let alone moving forward.

Along with most of our generation we were led to believe the path to success lay in studying hard, getting good grades and finding a job. This traditional and well trodden path was supposed to provide everything we needed but the reality wasn’t quite what we expected.

This concept might have been true for the preceding generation but we were rapidly realising it wasn’t working for us. Our life had become a demoralising grind with no real freedom and little opportunity. It was time to focus and make a new plan, if we wanted a different life, we would have to create it.

First stop was to streamline and cut away the dead wood. This was necessary for us to free up resource and although it was at times challenging, it was also strangely satisfying. It allowed us to focus on what we really needed to be happy. 

Before long, we’d mastered the art of budgeting whilst living a great life within our means. With the money we clawed back we began clearing our debt. With the time we’d historically spent doing overtime we both went back to school. Sounds dreadful but it wasn’t for ever and it really paid off. After all, if you’re going to invest in anything let it be yourself.

With our new qualifications we found better paid jobs and by the time we had upgraded our income we were also out of debt. Now we’d increased our income we were in business, determined to make better choices and approach our finances like the pros.

Our adventure has seen us through a couple of decades now and throughout its many twists and turns, we discovered secrets of the rich and wealthy. Like them we continue to increase our income and grow our wealth.

It may sound cliché, but our life has improved immeasurably in more ways than we could have ever expected. In viewing our money entirely differently and taking more control, we now have our money working with us and for us.

We don’t have everything but we do have the time and freedom to indulge in the life we always wanted, a life in which we’re happy.  We believe that everyone should be able to live, at the very least, a comfortable life, without the anxiety that cash flow problems can cause.

The information passed on in our blog is in no way a get-rich quick plan. It’s more of a get-REAL quick and get-rich eventually plan. Our end goal is now to retire in with great wealth and abundance (which we realise means something different to everyone) and if we can inspire you to do the same, then great.

Our Mission Statement

Where ever you are on your financial journey, no matter what type of moneypro you want to be, we are happy to collaborate and share with you our approach in the hope that the tools we’ve used might make your life a little easier.

I suppose our message is that financial stability is achievable for most people, you just need have a plan and make a start, if we can achieve this you can too.

Good luck and thanks for reading.