5 Simple Ways to Spend Less Money on Groceries, Food and Drink

In this article we’ll give you 5 more simple ways to spend less money. This time our focus is on groceries, food and drink. Following these tips will save you a bundle of cash. As always, self-awareness, knowing your triggers and planning ahead is key.
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If you’ve not done so already, download our Free Budget Planner below and give your finances a once over. You might be surprised what crops up on your bank statements. Use our article Budgeting for Beginners in 4 Simple Steps to figure out exactly where you’re at. If you find you’re short of cash, then following these simple steps will save you a small fortune.

1. Plan Your Meals

Make a meal plan for the week and write a shopping list to suit. Check out online recipes for inspiration. Don’t buy anything you don’t need and most importantly make sure you stick to your list. As an added bonus this also means you’re less likely to waste any food too. Check out familyfreshmeals.com for a great meal planning template.

2. Don’t Go Hungry

Eat before you go to the supermarket. Everything looks more appealing when you’re hungry. Shopping on an empty stomach could lead to unplanned spending and impulse buys at the checkout. They put that stuff there for a reason so be savvy and don’t fall for their tricks.

3. Say no to On-The-Go

Take packed lunches to work rather than buying on the go. Invest in some good quality food storage containers to make life that little bit easier. Remember to account for this when you do the weekly shop. It’s also likely to be healthier than shop bought lunches as your choice is less limited.

When you’re cooking your evening meals, make an extra serving and reheat it at work. Watch your colleagues drool as you tuck into a nice bowl of stew while they’re eating their sandwiches! It really does feel like a treat.

4. Be a cheapskate!

Use discount supermarkets, take advantage of offers and discounts, and don’t forget to use coupons and points cards. Shopping at a particular time can also be a great tactic as stores often put discounted items out on the shelves at the same time each day.

Bulk buy non-perishables such as detergent or toothpaste when they’re on offer but be aware all offers aren’t what they appear to be. Check you’re actually getting value for money and avoid falling for their marketing tricks.

Don’t forget your bags! Not only is it environmentally friendly but paying for bags every week will eventually add up. Be a money pro and look after those pennies!

5. Don’t Be A Coffee Mug!

Are you one of the millions of people who buy a Starbucks or Costa on your commute to work? Save yourself the cash, buy yourself a travel mug and make your own before you go. Your mug would pay for itself in less than a week and could save you as much as £500 a year. If that isn’t a no-brainer, I don’t know what is.

Amazon is a great place to find the best travel mugs, its worth paying the extra for one that will last and won’t end up leaking.

Bonus Tip

Try brewing your own beer. You can pick up a starter kit for as little as £40 online. Craft beers can be a delicious break from the norm and can be easy and fun to try. You might even save yourself a few pounds in the process.

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